Inspired by Carolyn Online

19 08 2010
  • Why do you hate everything and everybody?
  • Your daughter is your best accomplishment – don’t blow it.
  • I intend to die with as few regrets as possible.
  • One regret – not being near my nephews and nieces during their childhoods.
  • Changing one’s theology or political viewpoint or ANY viewpoint is hard – but so worth it. Give a different idea a chance.
  • Why are you so afraid to think outside your friggin’ box?
  • It really hurts that you would believe someone you knew for all of six weeks over someone you’ve known 17 years.
  • Smug people suck – no matter what their political or religious beliefs.
  • Contrary to your popular opinion, you really don’t know everything.
  • I miss teaching, but I don’t miss what it would have taken to stay at the last school I taught at.
  • Smug people really suck.



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