Interesting characters

21 08 2010

I’ve met some interesting people while working at Sears. Some of the more noteworthy are the Church Lady; Mr. Dapper and Mr. D.O.M.

On the very first day I was out on the floor, I met the Church Lady. She wore a simple print dress and her hair was long and held back with hair clips. My stereotype of the very conservative Christian, Psalm 31 woman.

“Hello, Ma’am, may I ring up your things?”

“Yes, of course. Bless you.”

“Why, thank you. Did you find everything you needed?”

“Oh, yes, thankyouLordJesus.”

And so the conversation went. Every response from her ended with something like “BlessyouLordJesus”; “ThankyoudearLord”; “HalllelujahpraiseGod” . . . and so on. And we talked quite awhile. She was really a nice woman.

Mr. Dapper was an older gentleman, probably in his mid-to-late 70s. He was dressed really nicely – linen shirt and pants – real snazzy. I greeted him with a “my, you look very dapper” and it tickled him that somebody would actually know that word. So I called him Mr. Dapper and he really liked it. He even referred to his wife as “Mrs. Dapper.” Such a sweet man.

Mr. D.O.M. was as old or even older than Mr. Dapper, but he wasn’t very sweet. I had sold him a mattress set about a month before. He had returned to buy a mattress pad and we ended up having a long chat as he looked for his purchase. As I was describing the differences between some of the product, he suddenly said, “That arouses me.” Well, all righty then! The best I could come back with was, “Well, good luck with that.” Thus I named him Mr. D.O.M. – Dirty Old Man. 




One response

22 04 2011

I totally stumbled across this blog today. Anne, you are *hilarious*! I love your observations. And you’re a great writer, too. =)

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