Just Another Day at Work

27 12 2010

I saved a child’s life at work on Christmas Eve. Just sayin’.

A mom with her probably 5 year old son and 2 year old daughter was looking at our water bottles display. They are very lightweight and the woman ended up knocking a few over, with some falling to the floor. She was very apologetic and I did my best to ease her embarrassment, helping her to pick them up and place them back on the shelf. As I was walking away I heard her tell her son, “Don’t touch anything, because I don’t want you to knock something on the floor.” With a voice utterly devoid of smart mouth and completely innocent, the boy said, “Like you just did, Mama?” Fortunately I was still in her eyesight so she knew I was still a potential witness. Fortunately I didn’t laugh out loud. Fortunately she couldn’t see the big smile on my face.

Sell mattress sets – sometimes.

Sell small kitchen appliances, bedding, and curtain stuff – check.

Stock the floor, fold towels, straighten up the floor – check.

Save a child – priceless.




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