Here’s the deal

6 09 2010

So I’ve been really wrestling with the thesis of that unnerving book I wrote about awhile ago. If there’s no external God; if all there is is the goodness that is within us; if there is no heaven; then what’s the point? There’s got to be some greater force outside of ourselves that we feed into, because if everything is just up to all of us acting out of the goodness of our hearts, then we’re screwed. I don’t see goodness winning over evil in our world.

I think of different situations where a Greater Power had to have been present. There’s no way I could forgive my offenders in my own strength. There’s too many stories from friends and others I’ve read that make it impossible for the good in us to have powered the miraculous changes that occurred in lives.

 I’ve decided I’ll just have to keep believing in an external God because I feel so lost and hopeless without it.